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This man releases hundreds of snakes every month for an amazing reason.
Even a picture of a giant snake can frighten people. But what if hundreds of snakes come out of a green sack and creep into the forest? This gives goose bumps!

This man named Salem Khan from Bhopal, India, has been catching snakes for over 30 years. Every year he catches and releases about 500 snakes, such as rat snakes, cobras, vipers and many other dangerous reptiles, in the dark forest of Pachmarhi.
8 helpful home recipes to remove discoloration on your teeth.
Who doesn't want to have whiter and brighter smile? I think everyone, and everyone is willing to spend tons of money for it. But did you know that the solution is right in your kitchen? That's no joke! When rubbing orange peels on your teeth you get amazingly white teeth. Try it by yourself!
That's how the actors of "Beverly Hills, 90210" look today!
“Beverly Hills, 90210” was one of the most famous shows back then. It has already been 25 years since the first episode of the series was shown in TV. But what happened to the actors in the years? Today we show you how they look nowadays! Who has changed the most? Write it in the comments below! Im excited.
The zombies of the Walking Dead before and after their makeup transformation!
The Walking Dead is known for their amazing work on the zombie transformation with makeup. They do an amazing job there, and as a proof, we show you how the zombies look without makeup today! You will be amused, because it's just amazing how they look. Respect the work they do!
How cartoon characters would look in real life! Mr. Burns is just disgusting!
You still know the simpsons episode where Homer enter the tron world and we saw him in 3D? An artist made pictures where you see how other cartoon characters would look when they would be real. Which one is your favourite? Write it in the comments below! Mr. Burns is definetly mine!
This women transfers into different famous stars through make-up!
Lucia Pittalis is a professional makeup artist. With her amazing skills she transform into famous celebrities! With her skills she looks just incredible realistic after her transformation. Not everyone can do that and there is much work behind it. But look for yourself and respect the work.
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